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Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review Awesome place! Awesome staff! Birthday Party was perfect!

    Debbie Adams-Arnall Avatar
    Debbie Adams-Arnall

    positive review A Super fun place to take your kiddos.
    We had such an amazing time playing. Its such a clean and friendly environment.

    Elisama Valle Draeger Avatar
    Elisama Valle Draeger

    We had so much fun!! We took our 2 year old daughter today and had a blast!!! It was fun for me and her dad to!! Loved it we will definitely be back!

    Kimberly Nicole Childers Avatar
    Kimberly Nicole Childers

    positive review Wonderful place that’s safe for the kids to play and not too crowded! Nice clean facility! The staff interacted with the kids and they were super friendly! Will definitely be back!

    Michelle N Shanon Bradford Avatar
    Michelle N Shanon Bradford
  • positive review Absolutely love this place ! Great time for younger and older kids ! My son is 1 and he loves it ! The staff is very friendly and prices are great ! In my opinion it’s the best place to take kiddos in joplin !

    Alicia West Avatar
    Alicia West

    positive review Our 10 month old played and had tons of fun! We went to the 12:30 and it was almost full. Mostly younger children which was perfect. Hey dad loved playing with her! The man at the desk and supervising was wonderful! We will definitely be going back!

    Nicole Noack Avatar
    Nicole Noack

    positive review We have come here a couple of times and my kids absolutely love it! It is very affordable, clean, and your kids are guaranteed to have fun! The 2 hour time slots with only so many tickets sold ensures that it is never overcrowded and it’s just enough amount of time to wear my kids out. I can’t say enough great things about it. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful, safe place for my kids to play. 😃

    Chelsea Hufham Avatar
    Chelsea Hufham

    positive review We got to see and play in the playground today and it looks so amazing! Can’t wait for the opening!!

    Taylor Jones Avatar
    Taylor Jones
  • positive review great place for kiddos. safe and friendly. my daughter really it

    Judy Kay Coy Avatar
    Judy Kay Coy

    positive review I definitely recommend! It was a blast and the people were amazing!

    Kayla DeIvernois Avatar
    Kayla DeIvernois

    positive review Came from and hour 1/2 away to come check it out and our daughter had a blast! She didn’t want to leave at all! Definitely coming back!

    Regan Olson Avatar
    Regan Olson

    positive review Had my sons birthday party here and it is one of the cleanest and safest places for kids and not to mention the staff are very friendly we had a wonderful time and will definitely be back with the kiddos!!

    Kelsey Renee Burts Avatar
    Kelsey Renee Burts
  • positive review totally great place owners are great and friendly and are so great with the kids .The place is fun and so clean .thank you for making my grandson have a great birthday

    Michele Palisay Avatar
    Michele Palisay

    positive review Super staff, clean environment & plenty for all to find something to play with! We love this place!!!

    Lori Riedmann Magoulas Avatar
    Lori Riedmann Magoulas

    positive review It was clean, the staff played along with the kids. My son loved the huge ball pit. There was also a cute and fun toddler area.

    Deonna Newton Avatar
    Deonna Newton

    positive review Highly recommend! Friendly and attentive staff, everything was very clean, and the kids (and adults) had a blast!

    Noelle Terry Avatar
    Noelle Terry
  • positive review The place smells really clean, and it's really nice parents can hop in and have fun too. Snacks are really cheap, and overall, two hours is enough to make your lil one take a nice nap!! 😉

    Irma Maldonado-Dominguez Avatar
    Irma Maldonado-Dominguez

    positive review We took a group of special needs kids and they had a blast for the entire two hours! Billy And staff were very accommodating. They were hands-on and helped one of the boys participate to the fullest! We will be back!

    Kathy Webb Avatar
    Kathy Webb

    positive review Very friendly and inviting staff. clean and safe equipment and price is perfect for a large family needing a little fun!

    Salome Hills Avatar
    Salome Hills

    positive review My son had his birthday party here tonight. It was, by far, the best birthday party he has had! The staff was AMAZING! It was so much fun! I can't thank you enough!

    Kimberly Schmidt Avatar
    Kimberly Schmidt
  • positive review Very nice place. My 3 year old twins oved it!

    Lisa Davis Avatar
    Lisa Davis

    positive review Took my grandkids ages 2 and 3 1/2 today. We had a blast. It was clean and the staff was great.

    Deann Woodward Avatar
    Deann Woodward

    positive review This place is so cool! My kids loved it here! Worth the money!!

    Cayla Christine Goldschmidt Avatar
    Cayla Christine Goldschmidt

    positive review it was so much fun! The staff is so nice!

    Amy Jean Ruger Avatar
    Amy Jean Ruger
  • positive review The staff are very friendly and helpful. They make it so easy to have a party here. They have everything you need but the cake, and it alleviates so much stress! I was able to have fun with my son instead of worrying about all the little things. We’ve only had positive experiences here, and we will absolutely be back!

    Heather Sides Avatar
    Heather Sides

    positive review we had a blast with our son plan on going back soon

    Joshua Harbaugh Avatar
    Joshua Harbaugh

    It is very clean and nice! Great atmosphere! The staff was amazing and helpful!! My boys had a blast!! We will definitely be back!!

    Jamie Blood Avatar
    Jamie Blood

    positive review This place is super clean, very nice temperature, smelled clean, staff interacted well with the guests(kids and parents), and all edges were rounded and or padded. We will be back again soon!

    Jenny Farmer Coleman Avatar
    Jenny Farmer Coleman
  • positive review My kids loved it here! A great inexpensive place to just let kids be kids and burn some energy!

    Kelsey Kukal-Keeton Avatar
    Kelsey Kukal-Keeton

    positive review Amazing staff and very clean

    Chelsea Rubin Avatar
    Chelsea Rubin

    positive review The best place to take your kids. I actually know my daughter is safe while playing. even the staff is there making sure your child is safe playing.
    Had my d as daughters birthday party also here and it was so nice.
    Just all around great place...

    Nicole Werberger Avatar
    Nicole Werberger

    positive review So fun and clean! My son is young, but they have a space for him too and he loved getting to play! The staff was fantastic too!

    Carra Coffer Avatar
    Carra Coffer
  • positive review Great place for Kids to run and play. The staff was excellent and my daughter loved it!

    Aleigha Carlton Avatar
    Aleigha Carlton

    positive review We always have a great time the owner is a big kid himself...

    Judith Colasanti Avatar
    Judith Colasanti

    positive review Sparkling clean, attentive staff and not over-crowded. Totally worth the hour drive from Springfield. The ball pit was awesome and my two year old loved it. Will definitely go back!

    Sophie Slater Avatar
    Sophie Slater

    positive review My grand daughter loves it there and has so much fun ! Great place , friendly people !!

    Amy Klein Avatar
    Amy Klein
  • positive review Absolute blast! Our two year old loved every minute of it and the staff members were so kind! Worth the hour & a half drive!!

    Laura Allison Avatar
    Laura Allison

    positive review Thanks for being a fun, safe place for ALL ages! Had my sons 2nd birthday party here tonight and fun was had by everyone from age 1-12!

    Heather Everett Avatar
    Heather Everett

    positive review My grandkids birthday party was here and the staff was amazing - so helpful and kind. Everything was so clean and nice! Kids and adults had a blast! Highly recommend!

    Karen Bartholomaus Reasoner Avatar
    Karen Bartholomaus Reasoner

    positive review We LOVE this place!! Always have a blast.

    Callie Hilburn Avatar
    Callie Hilburn