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We hope you had a positive play experience on your most recent visit. We work hard to maintain an affordable, safe, clean, and fun destination for your family. We hope you will share your review to help others find us for their next family fun adventure.

Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review The best place to take your kids. I actually know my daughter is safe while playing. even the staff is there making sure your child is safe playing.
    Had my d as daughters birthday party also here and it was so nice.
    Just all around great place...

    Nicole Werberger Avatar
    Nicole Werberger

    positive review This place is so cool! My kids loved it here! Worth the money!!

    Cayla Christine Goldschmidt Avatar
    Cayla Christine Goldschmidt

    positive review Highly recommend! Friendly and attentive staff, everything was very clean, and the kids (and adults) had a blast!

    Noelle Terry Avatar
    Noelle Terry

    positive review We had a birthday Party for our 7 year old and they were perfect hosts! Helpful, but not pushy. Even offered to help bring in items out of the car. 2 hours was plenty of time and the price was very reasonable. Place is very clean and the kids had a blast. From 7-15! Pleased all the way around!

    Charity Barwick Avatar
    Charity Barwick
  • positive review I had my sons 2nd birthday party here on 10/06/2018. the staff was amazing! they interact with the children and were very attentive to safety. the equipment was clean and enough to accommodate all the children in our party plus more. Worth the drive to have options of a playground for older kids as well as a toddler area and a blocks table (which my son seemed to favor). Thank you so much for hosting, you guys did a wonderful job!

    Jacquie Mohler Avatar
    Jacquie Mohler

    positive review It’s going to be awesome. The quality of the play equipment is second to none. The staff will be highly trained and qualified to make your child’s experience fun and memorable.

    Kerry Scott Avatar
    Kerry Scott

    positive review Took my grandkids ages 2 and 3 1/2 today. We had a blast. It was clean and the staff was great.

    Deann Woodward Avatar
    Deann Woodward

    positive review We had a blast! So much fun and safe set up. Great and friendly staff. Looking forward to planning a birthday here!

    Kristin Linn Seward Avatar
    Kristin Linn Seward
  • positive review Great fun, well supervised, kids have a BLAST

    LeeAnn Babcock Luebber Avatar
    LeeAnn Babcock Luebber

    positive review My boys loved this place! I loved the price, and the two hour time slot was the perfect amount of time for them to play!

    Jennifer Short Avatar
    Jennifer Short

    We had a great time at Ocean Adventures. My 2 year old LOVED the ball pit. The staff was very friendly and welcoming.

    Keagan Henegar-Hubbard Avatar
    Keagan Henegar-Hubbard

    positive review I most definitely recommend Oceans Adventures! Everyone was so kind and helpful. The facility was CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!
    We had my sons birthday party there and everything ran so smooth! Thank you for the wonderful experience!

    Courtney Mallory Avatar
    Courtney Mallory
  • positive review This was our first time going and we had a lot of fun! It’s well kept and seems to be very clean! I’m picky with indoor playgrounds (I don’t let my son do indoor playground in the winter because normally they’re not well kept and sickness spreads so easily) but this was really pretty nice! He was washed down in sweat by the time we had to go (they keep it nice and cool inside he’s just a busy boy). He had a great time and is already asking if we can go back. Great place for $5 a time. I’d love to get a monthly pass if that was available. I went with a huge group of friends and they all said the same thing - we wish there was a month rate we could pay and just sign up to come when ever the kids need some play time. Great place to bring kids!

    Whitney Grace Lester Avatar
    Whitney Grace Lester

    5 star ratingAwesome This place is awesome! We’re new to the area and have found that things to do in this area are slim. But this place gets 5 stars for sure! Cheap, clean & friendly indoor fun for the kiddos!


    positive review so much fun kids love it and very nice price 🙌😍

    Jo M Cruz-Dilan Avatar
    Jo M Cruz-Dilan

    positive review This place is amazing and the staff is super nice. Our little one loved it!

    Jared Miller Avatar
    Jared Miller
  • We had a blast, it's super clean they are so nice and the check in and out system makes you feel so at ease just letting the kids go play! Not to mention it's very affordable we will be back!

    Megan Haley Avatar
    Megan Haley

    positive review Every time we go there, the kids have a blast! It’s clean and the staff is always so friendly. They get in and interact with the children.

    Kamey Chaligoj Avatar
    Kamey Chaligoj

    positive review This place is seriously amazing. The staff was very nice and helpful. The equipment was clean and felt very safe. There were lots of people there but not so full that my son couldn’t enjoy it. My son is 18 months and was able to do everything there. I loved being able to play alongside of him and I am a little jealous that I can’t have my birthday party there! We will be back many many times!

    Dia Curry Avatar
    Dia Curry

    positive review Great staff. Super kid and family friendly. If you have kids this a must do!

    Kenan Klein Avatar
    Kenan Klein
  • This place is amazing!!!!!! I defiantly would recommend Ocean Adventures too anyone!!!! My daughter had a blast! The staff are super friendly and GREAT with children!!!! A+++ definitely happy a customer�

    Ashley Chaney Avatar
    Ashley Chaney

    positive review Recommend this place! My niece and friends had a blast!!!

    Terri Johnson Avatar
    Terri Johnson

    positive review This place is great. It’s clean, it’s fun, they limit the amount of people who can play at one time so it’s not overcrowded, it’s safe, but they 100% get 5 stars for being the friendliest people!

    Ciarra Warren Avatar
    Ciarra Warren

    positive review We LOVE this place!! Always have a blast.

    Callie Hilburn Avatar
    Callie Hilburn
  • positive review i had my grandsons birthday party there. its awesome

    Bonnie Mullins Avatar
    Bonnie Mullins

    positive review Great fun for the kids! Reasonable prices ! Owners so friendly! Great combination!

    Susan Brown Avatar
    Susan Brown

    positive review a lot of fun for the kids

    Carla Chew Avatar
    Carla Chew

    positive review Great experience! Staff were super helpful and attentive. Prices are reasonable. Clean and bright play area!

    Ciarra Berkowicz Avatar
    Ciarra Berkowicz
  • positive review There are simply not enough good things to say about Ocean Adventures. This facility is a dream come true for Joplin. Affordable!! So affordable! Clean! It still has that brand new smell, and look, several months in. Friendly, amazing staff. We have visited several times, and look forward to continuing to support this small business.

    Kayla Hyland Avatar
    Kayla Hyland

    positive review Fun, fun, fun! 😊 Please check them out on Facebook!

    Dennis Garrigan Avatar
    Dennis Garrigan

    positive review Our favorite place in town 💜 Carter has such a good time!! I could never find enough good things to say about the staff! the sweetest people EVER!

    Chantel Williams Avatar
    Chantel Williams

    positive review So much fun for all ages! We love going, it’s always so clean and the staff is amazing!

    Ashley Gaines Avatar
    Ashley Gaines
  • positive review Nice, fun, clean place for the kids to run around and have fun. Nice staff.

    Antoinette Reeves Avatar
    Antoinette Reeves

    positive review Absolute customer service at its best!!! We will be back for Birthday Parties in the future.

    Judy Dillon Avatar
    Judy Dillon

    positive review We went for the first time yesterday, and it was such a wonderful place! We live an hour away, but will definitely make the drive to go again!

    Hilary Fanning Avatar
    Hilary Fanning

    positive review I took my daughter who is 12 and has Down syndrome with a group of her friends and she had a blast. Everyone had so much fun. Will be returning soon. All the staff was more then accommodating, courteous friendly and helpful . Great fun !!!!!

    Roxanne Boyer Avatar
    Roxanne Boyer
  • positive review Our two year old absolutely loved this place! It is fun for a wide range of age groups!

    Karissa Haner Avatar
    Karissa Haner

    positive review Phenomenal atmosphere! It’s a wonderful place for kiddos and parents. The staff is amazing.

    Ronelle Byrd Avatar
    Ronelle Byrd

    positive review Very nice place. My 3 year old twins oved it!

    Lisa Davis Avatar
    Lisa Davis

    positive review Fun, clean and not over crowded! The employees are sweet, caring and attentive toward the children! ❤️🙌🏼

    Leeza Martinez Avatar
    Leeza Martinez