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Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review We just had a birthday party here and they have the greatest customer service they went out of their way to much sure my son had a great time!! We will be having many birthdays here in the future!! I highly recommend them!!

    Kelsey Freeborn Avatar
    Kelsey Freeborn

    positive review Clean facility, friendly staff and super cheap. Also really appreciate that it's toddler friendly. Will come back!

    Holly Kralicek Avatar
    Holly Kralicek

    positive review My grand daughter loves it there and has so much fun ! Great place , friendly people !!

    Amy Klein Avatar
    Amy Klein

    positive review Ocean Adventure was so clean! Staff was pleasant and kind to the children. Loads if clean, safe fun!

    Anga Lemaster Avatar
    Anga Lemaster
  • positive review We had my daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party here! Every person on the staff went above and beyond for us and all our guest! They were all very friendly and helpful! The place is incredibly clean! All the kiddos had a blast! Thank you for giving us great memories!!!

    Hannah Cupp Avatar
    Hannah Cupp

    positive review Great, clean place for kids to play! Staff is very friendly!

    Erin Chalmers Walkenshaw Avatar
    Erin Chalmers Walkenshaw

    positive review Small price for lots of fun for the kids. I took the kids to a birthday party there for one of my friend's kids and my kids had a blast! Everyone was nice too.

    Marcy Pope Avatar
    Marcy Pope

    positive review Excellent place for the kids to play, super friendly staff, super clean facility and fair prices. You absolutely must check it out!!!!

    Sara Warren Ellsworth Avatar
    Sara Warren Ellsworth
  • positive review it's a great place, I defiantly recommend it. my kiddos had a blast!

    Brandi Parsons Avatar
    Brandi Parsons

    positive review super fun , super clean and super happy kids!

    Mikki Jean Werner Avatar
    Mikki Jean Werner

    positive review My kids loved it here! A great inexpensive place to just let kids be kids and burn some energy!

    Kelsey Kukal-Keeton Avatar
    Kelsey Kukal-Keeton

    positive review Good clean fun! Love the limit on kids so plenty of people to play with but not so much that you can’t have as much fun. Very well maintained. The area for 3 and under has enough variety to keep them interested while the bigger kids can run and play. Good variety of snacks and merch available as well as party rooms to rent out! 11/10 recommended

    Jennifer Bailey Avatar
    Jennifer Bailey
  • positive review We had a fantastic experience today!!!! We were very welcome, price was reasonable, super clean, my son had lots of fun, staff very friendly and they interacted with the kids. We will be back!

    Karina Zola Avatar
    Karina Zola

    positive review It’s a safe fun environment for young kids to go and play and have fun

    Becky Cory Avatar
    Becky Cory

    positive review My kids enjoyed this place. It's entertaining for kids of all different ages. They have a smaller ball pit for littles. 😁😁😁

    Crystal Merick Avatar
    Crystal Merick

    positive review Oceans was a wonderful stop on our road trip!! very clean and organized. The owner and staff were very friendly! GREAT PLACE!

    Lindsay Hall Avatar
    Lindsay Hall
  • positive review totally great place owners are great and friendly and are so great with the kids .The place is fun and so clean .thank you for making my grandson have a great birthday

    Michele Palisay Avatar
    Michele Palisay

    positive review There are simply not enough good things to say about Ocean Adventures. This facility is a dream come true for Joplin. Affordable!! So affordable! Clean! It still has that brand new smell, and look, several months in. Friendly, amazing staff. We have visited several times, and look forward to continuing to support this small business.

    Kayla Hyland Avatar
    Kayla Hyland

    positive review We had a fantastic time! The kids can’t wait to go again!

    Lacee Moffet Enslow Avatar
    Lacee Moffet Enslow

    positive review a wonderful and amazing place. our children and we love going here. incredibly priced and outstanding employees. highly recommend it to all.

    Tony Shores Avatar
    Tony Shores
  • positive review So fun and enjoyable! The kids had such a blast!!

    Katie Cholka Avatar
    Katie Cholka

    positive review This place is amazing and the staff is super nice. Our little one loved it!

    Jared Miller Avatar
    Jared Miller

    positive review I had my sons 2nd birthday party here on 10/06/2018. the staff was amazing! they interact with the children and were very attentive to safety. the equipment was clean and enough to accommodate all the children in our party plus more. Worth the drive to have options of a playground for older kids as well as a toddler area and a blocks table (which my son seemed to favor). Thank you so much for hosting, you guys did a wonderful job!

    Jacquie Mohler Avatar
    Jacquie Mohler

    positive review I love this place. I love that Joplin finally has a place like this for kids. I appreciate the social media presence and the staff keeping us updated on everything such as when sessions are full. I believe it’s a very affordable 2-hour fun!

    Andrea Brooks Avatar
    Andrea Brooks
  • positive review My kids loved it! Very nice place.

    Marlena White Avatar
    Marlena White

    positive review My son had his birthday party here tonight. It was, by far, the best birthday party he has had! The staff was AMAZING! It was so much fun! I can't thank you enough!

    Kimberly Schmidt Avatar
    Kimberly Schmidt

    positive review First of all, it’s SO clean, but even better than that, they were playing with all of the kids and having so much fun!! We love this place and can’t wait for summer so we can go more often!! 👏🏼

    Janey Gatling Avatar
    Janey Gatling

    positive review Recommend this place! My niece and friends had a blast!!!

    Terri Johnson Avatar
    Terri Johnson
  • positive review Phenomenal atmosphere! It’s a wonderful place for kiddos and parents. The staff is amazing.

    Ronelle Byrd Avatar
    Ronelle Byrd

    positive review We LOVE this place!! Always have a blast.

    Callie Hilburn Avatar
    Callie Hilburn

    positive review My 1 year old & 3 year old loved this place! Great pricing, great staff, we will for sure be back!

    Jake Moore Avatar
    Jake Moore

    positive review My boys had an amazing time! (So did my mom and I!!) We live about an hour away and it was well worth the drive. We will definitely be coming back soon! There is so much to do and the 2 hour time slots are the perfect amount of time to get to play but not completely over do it. Good and inexpensive snacks perfect for a little break! I love how safe everything is with a toddler. You don’t have to worry about them getting bumped and hurt as everything is covered in foam and cushioned. Doesn’t smell like chemicals and is super clean. Definitely worth going!

    Laura Stringer Avatar
    Laura Stringer
  • positive review My 2yr old LOVED it. Will definitely be back!

    Taylor Lindsay Avatar
    Taylor Lindsay

    positive review Best indoor play area in the four state region! If you are near Joplin, check it out. Best to get admission in advance. The play sessions fill up quick.

    Dan Head Avatar
    Dan Head

    positive review Great fun, well supervised, kids have a BLAST

    LeeAnn Babcock Luebber Avatar
    LeeAnn Babcock Luebber

    positive review We love it here! Very clean!

    Katrina Logan Avatar
    Katrina Logan
  • positive review Had my sons birthday party here and it is one of the cleanest and safest places for kids and not to mention the staff are very friendly we had a wonderful time and will definitely be back with the kiddos!!

    Kelsey Renee Burts Avatar
    Kelsey Renee Burts

    positive review safe and clean family fun

    Brian DePreste Avatar
    Brian DePreste

    positive review It’s going to be awesome. The quality of the play equipment is second to none. The staff will be highly trained and qualified to make your child’s experience fun and memorable.

    Kerry Scott Avatar
    Kerry Scott

    positive review Had a blast for our son's 3rd birthday party! Thank you for making it so easy!!

    Stephanie Tackett Mishler Avatar
    Stephanie Tackett Mishler