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Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review Awesome place! Awesome staff! Birthday Party was perfect!

    Debbie Adams-Arnall Avatar
    Debbie Adams-Arnall

    positive review great environment, my 3.5 yo daughter kicks and screams when its time to go!!!

    George Wever Avatar
    George Wever

    positive review This was our first time going and we had a lot of fun! It’s well kept and seems to be very clean! I’m picky with indoor playgrounds (I don’t let my son do indoor playground in the winter because normally they’re not well kept and sickness spreads so easily) but this was really pretty nice! He was washed down in sweat by the time we had to go (they keep it nice and cool inside he’s just a busy boy). He had a great time and is already asking if we can go back. Great place for $5 a time. I’d love to get a monthly pass if that was available. I went with a huge group of friends and they all said the same thing - we wish there was a month rate we could pay and just sign up to come when ever the kids need some play time. Great place to bring kids!

    Whitney Grace Lester Avatar
    Whitney Grace Lester

    positive review Clean, family fun! Staff is great, prices for snacks are great too!! Very fun place for kids!

    Kirsten Wolf Avatar
    Kirsten Wolf
  • positive review Such an awesome place to go in general, for just a fun filled day! And even more amazing place to have a birthday party for your littles! The customer service is outstanding! Would definitely recommend! 10/10!

    MicKayla Mills Avatar
    MicKayla Mills

    positive review super fun , super clean and super happy kids!

    Mikki Jean Werner Avatar
    Mikki Jean Werner

    5 star ratingAwesome This place is awesome! We’re new to the area and have found that things to do in this area are slim. But this place gets 5 stars for sure! Cheap, clean & friendly indoor fun for the kiddos!


    positive review This place is amazing and the staff is super nice. Our little one loved it!

    Jared Miller Avatar
    Jared Miller
  • positive review Just celebrated my son’s birthday and had an amazing time! The staff was so friendly! I loved walking into the party room and seeing it already set up with tablecloths, plates, napkins, and utensils. My son and his friends played non-stop and had the best time! Ocean Adventures is the perfect place for a party!

    Brandi English Landis Avatar
    Brandi English Landis

    positive review A clean, friendly staffed and fun place to take my son to! Perfectly priced & loved the “security” stickers for the kids to wear! We will be back!

    Meg Studyvin Avatar
    Meg Studyvin

    positive review Every time we go there, the kids have a blast! It’s clean and the staff is always so friendly. They get in and interact with the children.

    Kamey Chaligoj Avatar
    Kamey Chaligoj

    positive review I was very impressed super clean, good price ,something for all ages and the staff there are very friendly, they would play with the children and make sure they were safe and having fun! I definitely recommend it! They do birthday parties and we are thinking about having are daughters 3rd birthday there!

    JoshandNichole Pottorff Avatar
    JoshandNichole Pottorff
  • positive review Had trouble with buying tickets on their website. Messaged them on Facebook and they replied immediately! They helped me out even though they could have just said no! Amazingly helpful and friendly! And my boys love it!

    Nikki Fisher Avatar
    Nikki Fisher

    positive review Good clean fun! Love the limit on kids so plenty of people to play with but not so much that you can’t have as much fun. Very well maintained. The area for 3 and under has enough variety to keep them interested while the bigger kids can run and play. Good variety of snacks and merch available as well as party rooms to rent out! 11/10 recommended

    Jennifer Bailey Avatar
    Jennifer Bailey

    positive review I took my daughter who is 12 and has Down syndrome with a group of her friends and she had a blast. Everyone had so much fun. Will be returning soon. All the staff was more then accommodating, courteous friendly and helpful . Great fun !!!!!

    Roxanne Boyer Avatar
    Roxanne Boyer

    positive review My kids and I went for a birthday party today and I highly recommend going!! The two men that were working were so helpful... my son is autistic and is unsure about things and both men were willing to spend the extra time to help him and make sure James felt safe. After he got to where he crawled all over they would see him and tell him what a good job he was doing.... I can’t say enough good things... not every place we go is super welcoming of children with special needs but this place was!!! Thank you so much for taking the time with my son today!!

    Lacee Driskill Avatar
    Lacee Driskill
  • positive review I am so excited Joplin and the surrounding areas need a place for the children .

    Myers Ronda Avatar
    Myers Ronda

    positive review I highly recommend! All their staff were extremely friendly and very observant when supervising the children. Always had smile and showed they enjoyed being there.

    Cassie Welch Avatar
    Cassie Welch

    positive review totally great place owners are great and friendly and are so great with the kids .The place is fun and so clean .thank you for making my grandson have a great birthday

    Michele Palisay Avatar
    Michele Palisay

    positive review This place is AMAZING!! Our kids really enjoy going there.

    Kerri Christman-Kelley Avatar
    Kerri Christman-Kelley
  • positive review Oceans was a wonderful stop on our road trip!! very clean and organized. The owner and staff were very friendly! GREAT PLACE!

    Lindsay Hall Avatar
    Lindsay Hall

    positive review Loved having a party all to ourselves! Staff was awesome at helping out! We had children of all ages playing and having a great time! Thank you!!

    Sondra Shane Simon Avatar
    Sondra Shane Simon

    positive review safe and clean family fun

    Brian DePreste Avatar
    Brian DePreste

    positive review Great place for Kids to run and play. The staff was excellent and my daughter loved it!

    Aleigha Carlton Avatar
    Aleigha Carlton
  • positive review Ocean Adventure was so clean! Staff was pleasant and kind to the children. Loads if clean, safe fun!

    Anga Lemaster Avatar
    Anga Lemaster

    positive review So much fun for the little ones! Almost 2 year old grandson has a blast. Clean and fun play. Staff was friendly and alert watching the kids closely to make sure everyone was having fun while being safe.

    Liz Currier Avatar
    Liz Currier

    positive review We had such a good time. Clean with excellent safety and supervision. The only bad time was when the my grandson cried as we were leaving because he wanted to slide one more time. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank You Ocean Adventures for a pleasant afternoon.

    Cindy Bennett Avatar
    Cindy Bennett

    5 star ratingHighly Recommend!!! Clean place with friendly staff. Took my granddaughter here and she absolutely loved it. We went during the morning hours so it wasn’t very busy and she played the entire time. So glad this is in the Joplin area and it is priced cheap enough for all to enjoy!

  • positive review Our favorite place in town 💜 Carter has such a good time!! I could never find enough good things to say about the staff! the sweetest people EVER!

    Chantel Williams Avatar
    Chantel Williams

    positive review A Super fun place to take your kiddos.
    We had such an amazing time playing. Its such a clean and friendly environment.

    Elisama Valle Draeger Avatar
    Elisama Valle Draeger

    positive review 10 stars ✨👏👏 the place was very clean, staff was incredibly kind and willing to go the extra mile for all the kiddos to have a good time. There was even a little disabled boy who wanted to play but the parents couldn’t go in with him and all of the staff took turns carrying him up to the slides and “racing” down with him. Melted my heart, and everyone else’s in the room! Way to run a business y’all! ❤️

    Jamie Whorton Avatar
    Jamie Whorton

    positive review What a fun experience today! Worth the hour and half drive for an family adventure - clean & very friendly staff!

    Tasha Finkus Avatar
    Tasha Finkus
  • positive review We always have an awesome experience here. There is so much for the kids to do and the staff is amazing.

    Shayla Eimer Avatar
    Shayla Eimer

    positive review My boys loved this place! I loved the price, and the two hour time slot was the perfect amount of time for them to play!

    Jennifer Short Avatar
    Jennifer Short

    positive review Our boy loves this place!!! The staff were friendly and helpful. They were present and I felt my kids were safe and able to play without my direct supervision from myself. The place was clean and well kept!! defiantly will recommend to to all my friends!!

    Melissa Shrimplin Avatar
    Melissa Shrimplin

    positive review This. Place. Is. Awesome. Kiddos love it. Owner is great. Excited for many visits to come.

    Austin Melton Avatar
    Austin Melton
  • positive review My son had such a blast! Thank u guys so much!!

    Celina Adriana Mercado Avatar
    Celina Adriana Mercado

    positive review I love bringing my kids here. The prices are great and the staff are super friendly!

    Jennifer Brierty Deardorff Avatar
    Jennifer Brierty Deardorff

    positive review Lots of fun for the kids

    Melody Lamb Avatar
    Melody Lamb

    positive review Our two year old absolutely loved this place! It is fun for a wide range of age groups!

    Karissa Haner Avatar
    Karissa Haner